If account is activated (settings enabled, custom column is showing), check this link to see if Facebook is receiving data from Amazon without errors.


Login to your FB Business Manager.

You may see default assets such as your website FB Pixel.

Scroll down and find assets that have Zontracker in the name ("Amazon purchase zontracker" is common).

You will see activity in the form of numbers other than zero, "currently processing", a green colored activity signal (it may be orange, suggesting it was active but then went inactive), "last received x minutes/days ago".

If you don't see any of the above, it may say "No events received" and be gray colored instead of green. This means data is not being received.

IMPORTANT: Amazon sends data to Facebook as soon as ANY order is marked as "shipped". Regardless if it was from FB ads or any organic/paid Amazon order. Depending on your daily/hourly Amazon sales order volume, the activity for Zontracker will only show after Zontracker is activated and Amazon sends data once those orders (or any previous orders) are shipped and go through the system. If you don't see activity instantly and you know Amazon is "shipping" orders, please create a support ticket with Zontracker.