You can customize your columns and click Comparing Windows to select 28 day click and 28 day view.

See Facebook instructions: Adding comparing windows to show view and click attribution

Also, check Save as preset (bottom left of window) to save the view without having to repeat this step every time you are in FB Ad Manager.

Note: There is delayed attribution that Amazon sends the data to Facebook when the order is marked as "shipped". Some sales will appear the same day but many throughout the next day and after.


The reason to extend the attribution window is to confirm that Zontracker is picking up data and that is working. 

However, you have to be more cautious interpreting 28 day click AND 28 day view. FB ads may have contributed to an Amazon sale but the more time passes the more likely the FB user may have been exposed to your other marketing methods. Also interpreting CLICK attribution has more confidence than VIEW attribution.

Best practice is to look at the conservative (1 day click, 1 day view) and aggressive (28 day click, 28 day view) metrics to understand you data better and use as tie-breakers when making decisions which ads to turn on and off. 

Overall 28-day click and 1-day view is best for most brands to make interpretations and decisions. It varies heavily across brands/products/audiences but it's normal to see 60-90% of all sales happening within 1 day, while the rest happen within 28 days. View attribution also has higher confidence in interpretation for new audiences (prospecting) compared to existing customers (retargeting) because we truly don't know if existing customers see the ad and it reminds them to go and purchase or ad happens to be in their newsfeed but they don't pay attention to it and were going to buy your product again anyway.

It's also normal to see 10-20% of all sales being as View attribution (typically higher for Amazon sales [10-40%] compared to Website sales), while the rest are Click attributed. <- This means FB user see's the ad, doesn't click the ad, but still either Google's you or goes to Amazon and purchases.