There are 5 types of "Accounts"

1. Members area account- Zontracker website

2. Support/tickets account - Zontracker website

3. Amazon Seller Central account (

4. Facebook Business Manager account (

5. Facebook Ad Account (

You need a separate Zontracker subscription for #3 and #4. However, you can add multiple FB Ad Accounts at no cost.

Contact Zontracker support to do it for you (send FB access to Zontracker again) or you can do it yourself with the steps below.

1a. Go to Business Settings -> Data Sources -> Offline Event Sets.

2a. Select Amazon Purchase Zontracker (or similarly named asset).

3. Click Assign Ad Accounts. (Optional: Before #3, click "Connected Assets" to see which Ad Accounts you already have assigned)

4. Scroll down or start typing your ad account.

5. Select the ad account or multiple ad accounts.

6. Click Save Changes.

7. The steps above activate the new ad account. Next, you need to see the Amazon purchase zontracker new column in your new ad account. Click "Custom Conversions" (step 1b in screenshot) and similarly repeat steps 2a-6. You may need to click "Add Assets" to choose your Ad Accounts and select the correct Ad Account to add.

8. If you have the ZT-Audience feature, repeat all of the above but at Step 2a look at the screenshot for Step 2b instead.

9. If you have the ZT-Optimize feature, repeat all of the above but at Step 1a look at the screenshot for Step 1c instead.

NOTE: If you're not seeing some of the assets, after step 1a and 2a above, click "Add People" and select yourself with highest Admin Access. Then repeat all steps above if necessary. You may also need to go to "Ad Accounts" [any feature] and "Pixels" [ZT-Optimize feature] on the left side menu to add yourself to those assets.

TIP: Please activate all Ad Accounts that have any chance of leading to Amazon sales. For example, if you have separate ad accounts where you run traffic directly to Amazon or directly to your website/landing pages, activate all of them. Keep in mind that spillover traffic may happen and "view" sales without ad getting clicked, ultimately leading to Amazon sales in many scenarios.