OBJECTIVE: ZT-OPTIMIZE will create a new pixel on your FB Ads Manager that will allow you to optimize campaigns for Amazon purchases directly.  

What is it?

Zontracker allows you to choose a new optimization event inside FB Ad Manager at the ad set level that is for the conversion "Purchase" based on data coming from the "Amazon purchase pixel".

Why do you need it?

We cannot place the Facebook pixel on Amazon. That means we have never been able to optimize FB ads for purchases on Amazon. The biggest lever that FB ads have in e-commerce for your website is missing for Amazon sellers. ZT-Optimize is the workaround we found for this major problem.

How can you utilize it?

Zontracker creates a new FB pixel, uses the ZT-Track feature to track Amazon sales coming from FB ads, then connects the attribution data to the new FB pixel to tell Facebook to optimize for more of those events (Amazon purchases).

Layman explanation?

Anyone ever running FB ads for Amazon (to your website or Amazon or anywhere) just got an automatic improvement by giving info to Facebook that it never had before to get you more Amazon sales. In other words, without doing anything else, crappy performing ads just got a tiny little bit better for everyone and also the already optimized or revenue-generating ads just got the potential to be more scalable and profitable.