• Just like any FB Ad Campaign you would create for website purchases, choose Conversion goal at the campaign level.
  • At the Ad Set level, choose Website for the conversion event location.
  • If there are any existing conversion events selected, close (x) it and scroll down to find the standard conversion called "Purchase" (red arrow in screenshot below). Make sure that under "Purchase" the pixel is called "Amazon purchase pixel" (or a similar name indicating Amazon purchase). Do not select other "Purchase" events that will appear for your default website FB pixel such as Yev's Pixel (unless you choose Option C for Zontracker pixel installation). "Purchase" is the only event that is functional for the "Amazon purchase pixel" even though others will be listed there with a red inactive dot.

Note: The dot next to Purchase will go from red to green (or orange if idle) after Amazon sends ANY data to Facebook (typically when an order is marked as shipped by Amazon, regardless of where traffic source is coming from).

If you're using a Landing Page builder or pixeled link clicks in a Messenger bot, add your FB Pixel ID and make sure it is for "Amazon purchase pixel", not your default website pixel. Get ID here and add to your other service (Pixelfyme, Landing Cube, etc).


That's it. All else is the same as any other FB campaign. Basically choose Amazon pixel instead of your normal pixel.