In the past we've generally said we are within Amazon T.O.S. but in 2019 Amazon has made many changes so here are more details below.

Amazon does not like Amazon sellers doing anything outside of the Amazon ecosystem. Amazon prefers to have full control. Sellers can get in trouble if they are incentivizing reviews or manipulating rank. Our software is related to Facebook ads but we cannot distinguish when sellers are breaking Amazon TOS with whatever marketing strategy is being used since we can't control how sellers run FB ads. The methods we use are legit, we're not hacking Amazon in any way, it's just Facebook API although you should research further to understand that Amazon does not like Amazon data outside of Amazon. 

We are operating in a space that solves a big problem for Amazon sellers, uses appropriate methods, although has mixed discussions in the Amazon seller community whether any external traffic software is allowed by Amazon or not. It's challenging to find a balance between that but we choose to innovate at the forefront and sometimes it is in the gray-zone because rules are not fully present yet. Amazon never knew our functionality existed until I had communication with them, they were only worried about other Facebook related software. Clear violations are email append services that gather real emails from Amazon customers, which is not a feature we provide. Amazon has stated they don't like software that allows Amazon sellers to retarget their customers off of Amazon, a function that is capable by our software just like many other softwares however our entire focus is on newer features that no other software has for purchase reporting and conversion optimization that is not connected to privacy issues of targeting Amazon customers. Because it's a unique and newer feature, it has not been under scrutiny by Amazon like other software have so we wanted to describe the full picture that it's not 100% clear and each seller needs to make their own judgement. There are hundreds of 7 and 8 figure companies that use Zontracker features. Many sellers see it as a small risk since Amazon has not enforced it for the benefit various softwares/tools bring.

 Nobody has ever been suspended for using Zontracker or AmzJet. Hopefully that helps.