With Amazon's update last August 2019, we made new changes with Zontracker. 

ALL Sellers who are using Zontracker are now required to upload their Amazon data for Zontracker to work. 

Why do we need to upload our data? 

Zontracker automation was finally removed for full Amazon API access therefore, the need for you to upload your data to Zontracker. While Zontracker lasted longer than most other software, Amazon does not want anyone using Amazon data outside of Amazon in a systematic way that has potential for privacy concerns such as reaching Amazon customers off of Amazon (through FB ads, etc). 

All of our original features (ZT-Audience, ZT-Track, ZT-Optimize) use that data. Two of our features use this data but they have less privacy concerns (purchase tracking and optimization at ad level, it's not at individual FB user level- we can see 1 purchase attributed but we can't see the exact 1 person that made the purchase) compared to the privacy concern when advertising to customers (audience feature that other software also had). Amazon is much more strict about some things than others.

How can I upload my data?

This process requires downloading Amazon report to upload into your ZonTracker Dashboard and FB.


To upload you Amazon CSV report please go to the CSV tab -> Import Amazon sales data section -> Browse - > Choose your Amazon .csv report - > Click 'Start import'. For video instructions please click here.

It usually takes anywhere between 2-24hr for Facebook to match the data after you upload but in most cases FB receives it instantly (can see in FB Events Manager) and within about 15 minutes will show in Ad Manager column.

Feel free to upload as often as you’d like. Depending on your volume and goals, once or twice a week is good enough. The more updated your Amazon info, the better FB will be able to optimize.  


There are 2 more upload options depending on your preference (any one of them will have same accuracy):

  • 'Semi-automatic' option. We can do the Amazon CSV upload for you several times per week if you invite yevzont@gmail.com to Seller Central and give only View permission for Reports -> Fulfillment Reports. You'll receive a notification email once the invite is accepted. We’ll do your uploads 2-3 times per week.
  • Automatic option. SellerTools integration (automates the entire process but it's a paid option. Please note that you get a 20% off lifetime discount on any plan if applying ZONTRACKER affiliate code. You can sign up here. and then connect your Seller.Tools API Key in our Dashboard. After that, no manual uploads needed).

Please choose the upload option you're the most comfortable with. 

For more details on each one, go to the Zontracker portal and member's area with guides.